We challenge companies, universities, and society to embrace a culture that is accepting of failures and the lessons they can provide. Because failure is indeed not an option, but a necessity for success.

FAIL! happens to everyone

Our world has become a very competitive place. People often suffer from external judgement and unhelpfully high expectations: undergrad students trying not to fail their classes, grad students suffering from the pressure of publishing in the best journals, startups dealing with the unforgiving face of the entrepeneurial world. We need to deliver a message to our bosses, to our PIs, to ourselves: FAIL! can happen to anyone, anywhere!

FAIL! and carry on

We want to understand how to make the best of failures, how to manage and overcome them. Our overarching goal is to change the culture in companies, universities, and society in general by creating a more understanding and accepting environment towards failures. We believe this is especially powerful by giving high profile individuals, such as experts, CEO's or professors the opportunity to get on a platform to talk about their personal failures, societal failures, and collective failures and how they learned from them.

Meet the team

FAIL! is run by a group of people inspired by how much we can learn from failures. In today's world you always hear that "failure is not an option". As a consequence, people put immense pressure on themselves, which negatively impacts productivity, creativity and well-being. The idea for FAIL! was born on the MIT campus, where many of us met in 2017. It can be easy to get the impression that everybody around you is an infallible genius, but our goal is to make you understand that all people fail, including the geniuses.